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Email is an essential marketing channel for most progressive businesses and can really drive your business forward. Cloudmesh provides an email marketing service, which delivers vivid marketing emails with your vibrant, individual content. Cloudmesh can send significant quantities of marketing emails for your business, observe how each recipient interacts with them, handle automation based on how your customers are tracking, and communicate findings both for single contacts and with cumulative statistical analytics.

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Email Marketing

Easy Process

Having an email campaign sent by Cloudmesh is simple.
Just provide us with the message you would like delivered.
We create the design that is most effective for your message.
We include elements such as images, your business address, links to your products, promotions and social media, and more.
Once your email campaign has been sent out, any bouncebacks are examined to keep your mailing lists tidy.
Your customers can be set up into different groups and segments and targeted with specific campaigns.
Interactions such as when an email is opened and clicks are tracked.

Based on Best Practice

Due to the influx of email spam and scams, Cloudmesh follows best practice to reduce blocked emails and spam filters.
Work collaboratively with your customers so they opt-in, rather than opt-out. We include Unsubscribe links to comply with requirements. Bounceback addresses are removed from mailing lists to keep reputation high with servers and providers.
Emails should be linked to your business domain name to increase the likelihood they will be opened by your customers and not filtered.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Reporting and Analytics

Cloudmesh tracks what happens to the marketing message that is sent, and logs when each recipient opens your message, and see precisely what they clicked.
The information we provide will help improve future email campaigns.
We track any email bouncebacks along with reasons why, and can intelligently determine if the email address should be removed from your mailing list.
We will also keep you updated showing who has unsubscribed.

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