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Cloudmesh offers a number of online services to help grow your business and develop your online presence. Take a look at our services below.

Web Design​

Fast, mobile friendly websites sure to delight your customers.


Improve your visibility on search engines with an optimised site.

Web Hosting

Fast, reliable Australian based servers​ to host your site.

Cloud Storage

Store your important data securely with daily backups.

Data Analytics

Analyse your website data to better understand customers.

Productivity Support

Get up and running with G Suite or Office 365 with support.

Grow Your Business With Us

Working Hand In Hand

We will assess your current needs, explore solutions, plan and design the best solution, and then deploy and optimise for your business.

Meeting Your Needs

Custom Solutions

Our solutions are custom made to suit your individual business needs based on a broad range of experience and knowledge.

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Best Practices

We will assist you on best practices and concepts for a successful launch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will first discuss your requirements and businesses needs, and then provide a free competitively priced quote for a custom solution.

If you approve the quote, we normally charge 50% of the cost upfront, followed by the final 50% once you are happy with the final product. We can also arrange a custom payment plan (e.g. by installments) to meet your needs.

This really depends on how complex your website needs to be. A very basic website can be ready within a week or so, and a very complex website can take months to complete.

Our web servers are based in data centres in Sydney, providing fast reliable service throughout the Australian market. We can also host websites in other countries, closest to where your customers are.

While we don’t directly provide email hosting services, we recommend using G Suite or Office 365. We can support you to get up and running or even help maintain your email services for you!

Yes, of course! We provide full access to a dashboard where you can create any pages or posts you need. We also provide training, documentation and ongoing support to help you. If you prefer, we can also manage all of the content for you as needed.

We integrate your website with Google Analytics and give you access to all available information. See data such as how many users are visiting your site per day, how long are they visiting, where are your visitors coming from, where are they located, what time of day do they visit, what pages are most popular, and much, much more.

We can help you get up and running with G Suite or Office 365, and we even manage those services for you! There’s so much you can do with these platforms, chat to us about your needs and we can share the best ways of using these systems to meet your needs.

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